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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

New Old Lompoc Brewery (Portland, OR)

New Old Lompoc NW Portland Pub, up on 23rd and Quimby, was dead when I showed up, which suited my desires to taste and talk just fine.  The staff was friendly and adequately caffeinated to speak at length to the brews they poured.  A couple of notes on their beers-

This dark mild ale featured prominent roasted malt that was just a little smoke in the background (complimenting the “Voodoo” namesake) and some coffee in the fade.  The beer was very light in the mouth, but carried through a dark complexity.

This was a surprise to me, and was supposedly just tapped that day for their Oktoberfest party.  The lager opened with the slightest touches of bubblegum, banana, and clove over a sweet bread malt. The lager yeast taste and feel came through in the fade.

Considering the golden ale is one of my least favorite styles, Fools Golden was delicious and light, with wheat coming through and a crisp, clean finish.

Condor Pale Ale was overall more crisp and a bit maltier than the gold, with notes of light lemon, green apple, and pine peaking through.  Despite the huge range of hop flavors, the ale was very light and even easier to drink than the typical NW pale.

This IPA opened bright and floral, with citrus notes following before mellowing over a mild malt background and fading into a lingering bitterness.

A big, flowery ale with subdued bitterness.  Full Review

Maltier and more bread like than thpale, but somehow less hoppy despite IBU. Full Review.

Liquid candy for adults.  Full Review.

This cream stout, like most, put its emphasis on sweet milk chocolate, with mild bitterness popping up in the fade and burnt flavors lingering on the tongue.  

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