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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Left Coast Trestles India Pale Ale

Left Coast Trestles India Pale Ale, an American IPA from Left Coast Brewing in San Clamente, CA, poured a hazy peach hue into the glass with a strong white head and a single ring of lacing.  The nose highlights the citrus and floral makeup of the hops, with dry grain somewhat crisp in the background.

Left Coast Trestles India Pale Ale opened grainy, with a medicinal bitterness overriding the soft citrus notes hinted at in the nose.  The mouth feel was dry and had a burnt cereal quality to it, and it seemed to bring out the flaws in the other flavors.  The ale ended on a metallic, bitter note that was the least pleasant part of an already unpleasant drinking experience. 

This was just an unpleasant IPA.  The hops are mushy and way too far in the background, and the grains are dry and medicinally bitter.  I can’t say I would recommend this ale to anyone.

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