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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Lucky Labrador Brewery (Portland, OR)

Lucky Labrador’s Northwest Portland Lucky Labrador Beer Hall was gearing up for Tour de Lab, an 18-30 mile bike tour of the Lucky Labrador pubs when I arrived, so I grabbed a slice (pretty darn 
good) and a sample tray and got to work-

Black Sheep hedges its profile on the dark malts rather than extreme hops, and offered a pleasant and complex drink.  Maybe a bit less hopped than I prefer, but there was nothing to complain about and plenty to enjoy.

Triple Threat was a middle of the road Pacific NW IPA.  I wasn’t able to pick out which three hops were used, but they sat fine over a fairly bland and dry malt background.

Somewhat generic Alt rendered even blurrier and less defined by the creaminess added by the nitro.  A great “pub-style” beer, but it wasn’t cutting it on a 90+ degree F day.

Rose City Red was a lighter entry into the red ale category, with great aroma and flavor but thinness in the body.  A good beer to drink, as hot as it was outside.

Ol’ Yellow was a mid-strength barley wine; more than enough body and flavor to scare away beer haters but subdued enough to avoid being a malt bomb. 

This IPA was my favorite of the bunch.  Bright and floral, there was a slight vegetal quality to the ale and the malt profile seemed much more refined and developed to the hop profile than the Triple Threat.

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