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Friday, June 10, 2011

Lompoc C-Note Imperial Pale Ale

Lompoc C-Note Imperial Pale Ale, made by Lompoc Fine Ales, poured a dark, transparent iced-tea color into the glass with little carbonation and was topped with a clumpy, thin, off-white head. Big, flowery aromas and pine led the nose with light, sweet citrus notes in the background.

Lompoc C-Note Imperial Pale Ale hit the palette flat and creamy, with copious notes of flowers before settling into a surprisingly dry, grainy biscuit middle.  The ale sweetened up with some citrus coming through in the fade, but stayed surprisingly dry.

Lompoc C-Note Imperial Pale Ale strikes a fine balance between the higher IBU and ABV of an Imperial and the defined, malt prominence of a traditional pale ale.  

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