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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Southern Oregon Brewing Gold Digger Northwest Lager

Another day, another brew from Medford, Oregon's Southern Oregon Brewing Co.  Having covered  their Woodshed Red Ale, Nice Rack IPA, and delicious Pin-Up Porter I'm moving on to their final year-round offering, Southern Oregon Brewing Gold Digger Northwest Lager.

Southern Oregon Brewing Gold Digger Lager poured a gorgeous golden honey color in the glass, with a fizzy white head more than two fingers thick and active carbonation trails throughout.  Gold Digger smelled like backed bread, oats, and very subtle hints of banana.

Southern Oregon Brewing Gold Digger opened with a pleasantly carbonated front and a hint of apple.  The bulk of the Gold Digger taste was a more nuanced barley profile than the typical lager, and it ended with some sweetness coming through  and lingering.

I'm not a fan of lagers, so this is my least favorite of the four SOB brews I've tried, but this is the best lager I have tried so far on the blog and is a good, well balanced beer I wouldn't refuse.

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  1. I am a big fan of this beer. (Along with their Woodshed Red.) Having spent a long time in Germany, this one tastes more like a German pils to me, even more so than their "Na Zdravia" pils.

    This beer is also just cleaning up at Barley Buddy (and it deserves to IMO!)