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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Southern Oregon Brewing Nice Rack IPA

Another brew from Southern Oregon Brewing Company... this time one of my favorite varietals!

Southern Oregon Brewing Co. Nice Rack IPA poured a golden amber with some haze.  The head was a little thin and white, and the nose was herbs and citrus. 

In tasting, Nice Rack IPA had a mellow start, orange flavored hop-notes dominated but never really took a hold of my mouth like a strong IPA normally does.  There was no real bitterness at any time, and the malt just provided a slightly sweet backing to the warm marmalade flavor.

SOB's Nice Rack IPA is an incredibly drink-worthy session beer, with enough nuance and flavor to stay interesting without ever becoming overbearing.  While I wouldn't say it exemplifies a great IPA, it certainly is a great beer.

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