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Friday, February 18, 2011

Cerveza Mexicali Red Pig Mexican Ale

I'm almost to the end of the international beer collection... and was surprised to find a Mexican ale (not a lager, not a pilsner, an honest-to-god ale) in the back.  Cerveza Mexicali, a new (to me, at least) brewery based out of Tecate, B.C., has a modest offering of a pilsner, a chili-and-vinegar-infused pilsner, and Red Pig Mexican Ale, today's tasting.

Red Pig Mexican Ale poured dark for an ale, golden brown, with copious carbonation streams and a thin white head.  The nose was primarily sweet citrus and sweet bread.

Red Pig Mexican Ale has an ironically sweet lime start (maybe that's why they have the tagline "No Requiere Limon) and felt less effervescent than it looked.  There was a somewhat cloying bread undertone that blended with the lime front, and the flavors lingered in my mouth too long and sweet to be considered refreshing.

Too sweet to be refreshing, not enough character to be an ale to pay attention to, Mexicali's Red Pig Mexican Ale is utterly forgettable.

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