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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Southern Oregon Brewing Pin-Up Porter

I'm going to keep things local this week (Southern Oregon); I've been enjoying hop-bombs the last few days,so decided to go to the dark side today with Southern Oregon Brewing Co.'s Pin-Up Porter.

The thin stream of Southern Oregon Brewing Pin-Up Porter poured a dark brown similar to black coffee into the glass, turning pitch black as it filled up with a clumpy tan head.  The nose was dominated by a smokey-sweet, kalua pork with a hint of coffee.

The first taste was an unexpected treat, with a hop front adding brightness and lightening the malts that followed without being aggressive.  The core taste of Pin-Up Porter was dry cacao, with an ending that brought the the sweet and smoky meat nose to the tongue with a slow fade on the moderate sweetness. 

SOB Porter isn't a big or aggressive beer... it's more interested in being soft, nuanced, and flavorful without changing the basic Porter formula.  I wasn't sure I was in the mood for a Porter, but I'll have to make sure to add the occasional SOB Pin-Up Porter to my rotation when out in town... I guess there's a reason it's featured in almost every bar in Southern Oregon!

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