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Friday, January 20, 2012

Ninkasi ReNewAle 2012 Porter

Ninkasi ReNewAle 2012 Porter, Ninkasi's late Winter/early Spring seasonal release, poured pitch black into the glass, with a sticky, light brown head that lingered for a few minutes before dying down.  Aromas of roasted grains led the nose over subtle hints of coffee and unsweetened baker's chocolate.  

Ninkasi ReNewAle 2012 Porter opened with a sweet, milk chocolate and caramel start.  Caramel and vanilla became even more pronounced as the porter mellowed, and there was just a touch of bitterness detectable in the background of the ale.  

It's Ninkasi... ReNewAle 2012 Porter is something of a sugar bomb and is significantly less dry than the typical porter you will find in a store.  It is nice to see such a rich and full bodied porter come in at a reasonable alcohol level, but I'm not in the market for such an ale.

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