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Thursday, January 19, 2012

21st Amendment Allies Win The War! Ale Brewed with Dates

21st Amendment Allies Win The War! Ale, a curiously named English strong ale aged over dates from Bay Area 21st Amendment Brewing (likely getting its name from the collaboration between 21st Amendment and Ninkasi),  poured the dark color of iced tea, with a lumpy yellow head a light, lazy carbonation.  The nose carried through dark sugar and sweet breads over a soft, but evocative, date base.

21st Amendment Allies Win The War! Ale opened with a crisp but sweet start, with brown sugar and molasses dominating the malt while a spritely lemony lightness added a crispness to keep the ale from getting cloying.  Surprisingly, despite the depth displayed at the front of the ale, Allies ended on a watery and vaguely bitter note.

21st Amendment Allies Win The War! Ale, as a concept, trumps 21st Amendment Allies Win the War! Ale as a drinking experience.  The ale is too lacking in body and oddly absent in the fade to have such a bold, dark, sugary start.

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