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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Elysian Mens Room Original Red Ale

Elysian Mens Room Original Red Ale, a year-long offering from Elysian Brewing, poured a deep amber hue with loads of carbonation rushing to its bone white head.  The nose carried through hoppy pine in the nose without the associated bitterness and slight touches of sweet orange.

Elysian Mens Room Original Red Ale opened bright and citrusy at the start before slowly drying into a cereal malt flavor with underlying sweet notes of caramel.  Citrus rind sat in the background throughout the experience, trailing as a lingering, subtle orange ended the experience.

Elysian Mens Room Original Red Ale carries a hop bill that is clearly American West Coast, but the dry, toasted cereal malt prominence in the middle comes closer to East Coast (and even European) offerings.  This is an easy drinking ale that is a great recommendation for someone looking to push past their standard pale ale and IPA offerings without challenging themselves.  

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