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Monday, January 16, 2012

Fort George Cavatica Imperial Stout

Fort George Cavatica Imperial Stout, a canned offering from Fort George Brewery, poured pitch black into the glass, with a thick brown head wafting heavy aromas of licorice, coffee, an unidentified sweetness, and alcohol heat.

Fort George Cavatica Stout opened with a surprising (almost alarming) sweet and tart start.  That quickly gave way to the more expected flavors of sweet milk chocolate and light coffee.  The stout thickened and gained a milky sweetness in the middle that ran parallel to an edge of alcohol heat.  Cavatica Stout ended with barely there bitterness and dark roasted notes that slightly dried out the finish.

Fort George Cavatica Stout is not fooling around... it is big, thick, and boozy.  That said, its strengths are its weaknesses... you're either willing to go big or go home on this one.  Depending on the day, I could do either.

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