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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Green Flash Le Freak Ale

Green Flash Le Freak Ale, a blend of Belgian Trippel and Imperial IPA from Green Flash Brewing, poured a chill-hazed orange into the glass, with a huge white head being fed by concentrated carbonation trails.  The nose was pure Belgian, with clove and horse sweat completely overpowering any chance the hops had to come through.

Green Flash Le Freak Ale opened appropriately crisp and funky, with a warming alcohol glow in the middle as the ale settled on the back of the tongue.  Tons of barny funk, clove, and menthol came through as the flavors evolved, and the ale ended with a balancing bitterness in the fade.

Green Flash Le Freak Ale wasn't as hoppy as I was expecting, and my first impression was that the hops were far too subdued to be called "Imperial" anything, let alone an IPA, but as I settled in to the groove of the ale I was able to appreciate the role the hops played in staving off what would likely have been a cloying malt and yeast combo in their absence.  Just goes to show... sometimes you need to close your eyes and drink the damn beer!

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