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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Abita Vanilla Doubledog 25th Anniversary Ale

Abita Vanilla Doubledog 25th Anniversary Ale, an Abita offering from their Big Beers lineup that builds off a base of theri Turbodog ale, poured big and black into the glass, with chestnut highlights peaking through the almost non-existent head. The nose was led by milk chocolate and light coffee, backed by a hint of vanilla.

Abita Vanilla Doubledog Ale opened thick and creamy, with a paradoxical light and dry underbelly that clearly recalls Abita Turbodog.  There was a crispness from the hops and roasted grain notes (again, Turbodog to a "T") before a rising vanilla and caramel sweetness took hold and never gave up their footing.  The ale ended with the same combination of "thick but light, sweet but dry" that it settled in to.

Abita Vanilla Doubledog Ale has less vanilla than one (at least I) expects from an ale touting it proudly on the bottle, but that's not a bad thing.  The Turbodog essence of bright and toasted plays interestingly with the milkshake-like creaminess in the lead and the sweet fade.  While I wouldn't adopt this as a go-to beer, there is a lot to love about Doubledog.

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