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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Boulevard Brewing Long Strange Tripel

Boulevard Long Strange Tripel, a Grateful Dead inspired Belgian-style ale from Smokestack series brewed by Boulevard Brewing, poured an apricot hue in the glass, slightly cloudy with suspended white yeast particles tossed about by the vigorous carbonation feeding to the huge, long lasting head.  The nose was mostly Golden Delicious apples and other orchard fruits with an underlying spice of clove and white pepper.  

Boulevard Long Strange Tripel opened with a jarring start of Belgian yeast, mostly pepper, clove, and coriander, before pears, apples, and a rising sweetness quickly comes through to tie the experience together.  Soft notes of bitterness and even a touch of tartness passed over the tongue (although not accompanied by the creamy body typical of the Tripel style) as the ale warmed in the mouth, and the ale ended on a spicy but relaxed fade.

Boulevard Long Strange Tripel nails the Tripel style, bringing a farmhouse full of different (but complimentary) taste sensations as it works its way through the palette and admirably hiding the alcohol heat these types of yeast strands tend to draw out with their spiciness.

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