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Monday, December 19, 2011

Ballistic Brewing Gargoyle IPA (Indian Wells Brewing)

Ballistic Brewing Gargoyle IPA, an English-style IPA offering under the label Ballistic Brewing that appears to be a private label production by Indian Wells Brewing, poured the color of iced tea with slightly yellow highlights under a thin yellow head.  The nose carried forward generic pine and grapefruit aromas.  

Ballistic Brewing Gargoyle IPA opened with minimal sweetness, toasted cereal malts, and a flavorless hop bitterness.  The malt and hops were well balanced against each other, but there wasn't enough of either to have any character.  The ale ended on a disappointingly thin, watery finish.

Ballistic Brewing Gargoyle IPA may win the award for the best hidden 7%+ abv, but it achieves this at the expense of flavor and complexity.  The English stylings come through clear in the malt profile and how the hops are formulated against it, but there isn't much to recommend about this particular ale.

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