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Friday, September 2, 2011

Standing Stone Brewery Flight

Today I enjoyed a flight of the current offerings from Standing Stone Brewery in Ashland.  Below are small notes taken- 

Standing Stone Hefeweizen Summer Seasonal- The ale had a surprisingly dry American wheat profile, with subtle Bavarian banana and clove yeast and a lemony tartness hinting at Europe more than being stylistically accurate.

Standing Stone Amber Ale- The ale opened with a green apple start, some lemon, soft hop bitterness, and a dry grain finish.

Standing Stone Pale Ale- A strong lemon start opened the ale before drying and tightening to a dry cereal malt.

Standing Stone Double IPA- The ale was dominated by dark caramelized orange, very smooth and sweet, light in body with a touch of heat at the end.

Standing Stone Oatmeal Stout- The stout was surprisingly light in body, with coffee and dried cocoa being the flavor focus, with a dusty finish.

Standing Stone Noble Stout- This stout was almost the same as above with a nuttier finish.  The coffee flavor was a bit more nuanced, but certainly not stronger.  

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