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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Avery Brewing India Pale Ale

Avery Brewing India Pale Ale, another standard canned offering from Avery Brewing, poured a perfectly clear yellow into the glass with a voluminous white head and some floaties swimming in the mild carbonation trails.  The nose carried through the sugary citruses like orange and tangerine, with some rind bitterness lingering in the background.

Avery Brewing India Pale Ale opened big and bright, with grapefruit and orange tasting slightly backed and sugared.  The carbonation helped the ale stay crisp and clean, and the biscuit malt body never went beyond serving as a background to highlight the hops.  The ale faded dry and slightly bitter, with carbonation still playing through the mouth.

Avery Brewing India Pale Ale is a great ale and a well crafted representative of an American IPA.   What it lacks in innovation or showiness is more than made up for in a clean, well-balanced ale.

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