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Friday, September 2, 2011

Emelisse Brewery Triple IPA Dutch Ale

Emelisse Brewery Triple IPA Dutch Ale, from Dutch Brewer and Grand Café Emelisse, poured a hazy iced tea color capped with a short lived white head.  Surprisingly light in the nose, the ale demonstrated almost no hops and soft, caramel malt aromas.

Emelisse Triple IPA opened slightly hot, with muted, resinous pine notes bittering a two-dimensional, sweet caramel malt profile.  The flavor of the hops dimmed and the bitterness increased in the fade, with significant alcohol-heat in the chest and stomach. 

Emelisse Brewery Triple IPA Dutch Ale … What a strange beer!  This IPA comes off extremely American, with a malt profile more akin to a NW IPA than anything I’ve tried from Europe.  The hops were disappointing in the nose and in the mouth, although I’m willing to concede the distance this bottle had to travel may have resulted in a significant decline in the hops.

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