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Friday, July 29, 2011

Blackstone Brewery Flight (Nut Brown Ale, American Pale Ale, St. Charles Porter, Chaser Pale, Hefeweizen, Summer Ale)

I had the privilege to run through a flight of Blackstone Brewery’s entire available selection while in Nashville.

Nut Brown Ale- A little on the sweet side... certainly a Southern take on the style              American Pale Ale- A strong showing for the brewery... not fantastic, but a well balanced malt/hop profile.                        St. Charles Porter- Surprisingly well suited for the humid heat without coming off as weak.
Chaser Pale- A bland mash-up of Kolsh style with Northwest hops                           Hefeweizen- European-style, with soft banana and cloves Summer Ale- A stand out for me, crisp and light... following the English Pal Ale tradition.

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