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Monday, August 1, 2011

Boscos Brewing Ale Flight

While visiting Boscos Brewing in Nashville, I had the opportunity to run a flight of their standard offerings, their special releases, and their bottle-conditioned American-Style Dry Stout.
Boscos Witbier- A nice, American-style wheat ale.  stands up nicely without the typical citrus addition.
Boscos Original Alt- Thirst quenching, if nondescript.
Boscos English Style IPA- A toasted, biscuit malt profile dominated the hops
Boscos American Style Dry Stout Bottle Conditioned Ale- A standout of the flight, complex and extremely drinkable.
Boscos Famous Flaming Stone Beer- Typical amber ale, a little light on hops
Boscos Bombay IPA- The heavier hopped big broth of the English Style, this one stayed close to the English malting with much more pleasant and pronounced hops.
Hillsboro Brown- Nothing much to see here, folks.
Isle of Skye Scottish Ale- Surprisingly subdued and un-Scotchlike for the style

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