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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Oskar Blues G’Knight Imperial Red Double IPA (Gordon)

Oskar Blues has made quite a wave in Oregon and Washington over the last couple of years, brining their premium beers via aluminum cans (link worth reading) and tap.  Part of their indomitable line, originally named Oskar Blues Gordon Ale in commemoration of a firefighter who died fighting a Colorado wildfire, recently underwent a name change after being served a cease and desist from Gordon Biersch Brewing.  I made my way to Howiee’s on Front Street  for a pint of the renamed (well, not yet on the tap handle) Oskar Blues G’Knight Imperial Red Double IPA.

Oskar Blues G’Knight Imperial Red was poured from the tap and served to me a reddish-orange with light carbonation and a thin, sticky off-white head.  The nose was full of sweet citrus and subtle eariness, like a candied orange or orange liqueur..

Oskar Blues G’Knight Imperial Red followed through with the nose by bringing big, sweet orange and butterscotch flavors.  The somewhat thick mouth feel of the al was cut somewhat by a little alcohol heat and bitterness on the fade.  Smooth is a good word to describe the drinking experience.

Oskar Blues G’Knight Imperial Red joins the ranks of dangerously drinkable, high abv beers (at 8.7%, it sneaks up on you and then slams you in the back of the head by the end of the second pint).  This ale is a great and refreshing drink throughout, if maybe a bit two dimensional (I’m not sure if this is a complaint or not).

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