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Monday, April 11, 2011

Samuel Smith Imperial Stout

Another import from Samuel Smith, today’s beer is the curiously low-for-style ABV (7%) Samuel Smith Imperial Stout.

Samuel Smith Imperial Stout poured a big, loosely bubbled tan head atop an impenetrable black body.  Big roasted coffee notes dominated the nose with subtle hints of vanilla and caramel. 

Samuel Smith Imperial Stout came out of the gates with thick and creamy body with light notes of roasted coffee.  The stout coated my mouth and had a long  stretch of sweet, smooth malty middle.  None of the bitterness or burnt flavors I’ve come to expect from an Imperial-style stout made an appearance, and the stout ended on a long, soft fade.

As I mentioned, Samuel Smith Imperial Stout is a somewhat meek entry in both ABV and boldness when compared to the hearty and aggressive Imperials being brewed on this side of the pond, but there is something admirably stately and civilized about this well-rounded, session worthy beer.

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