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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Fuller’s 2008 Vintage Ale

An interesting find at local watering hole 4 Daughters Irish Pub, I brought home a bottle from Fuller’s Brewing in the UK, Fuller’s 2008 Limited Edition Vintage Ale.

Fuller’s 2008 Vintage Ale settled into my glass a cloudy brown topped with a sticky, lacy head fed by slight carbonation trails.  The nose was defined by nutty and caramel notes with some detectable alcohol 

Fuller’s 2008 Vintage Ale coated my mouth with its creamy but light caramel and vanilla flavors.  No real bitterness made an appearance, and it had an almost milky mouth feel. Any hops in the beer had long since faded, leaving a huge, rich but incredibly easy to drink ale.

The  label states Fuller’s is legally obligated to state the ale is best consumed before 2011, but with a winking acknowledgement they state even greater levels of enjoyment await those with patience.  This isn’t a beer I would want to drink every day, but it was one of the more remarkable experiences I’ve had with an ale… I don’t know that I’ve tried something as rich and defined.

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