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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Elysian Avatar Jasmine IPA

Out comes the sun, pop goes the IPA!  Despite my memories of my flight at Elysian Brewery in Seattle being a mixed bag Elysian Avatar Jasmine IPA stands out in my memory as one of their more notable offerings.

Elysian Avatar Jasmine IPA was an ever-so-slightly hazy amber with a creamy white head as I poured it into the glass.  It’s nose carried the jasmine through with some nectarine backing from the hops.  It was managed to capture complex floral notes without being cloying or too perfume-like.  

Elysian Avatar Jasmine IPA began with a surprisingly sweet start; a little thick in the body.  As the IPA settled it took on a surprisingly dry, toasted malt middle that one wouldn’t expect from an IPA.  As Avatar Jasmine IPA faded, the jasmine and more floral notes in the nose became most prominent.

Elysian Avatar Jasmine IPA is a little sweeter and less hoppy than a typical IPA; coming off more like a pale ale.  The jasmine is a nice, subtle compliment to the hops, and it is a refreshing option from some of the heavier IPAs (certainly better balanced than their Immortal IPA).

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