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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Kulmbacher EKU 28 Doppelbock

EKU 28 Doppelbock, brewed by Kulmbacher in Germany, was capped by a thin, yellow-gray head floating over its transparent copper body with a surprising amount of carbonation. The nose was dominated by a dry malt and a slight orange spice, with some yeasty clove.

Kulmbacher EKU 28 Doppelbock opened with a surprising amount of carbonation before settling into a semi-sweet middle that was both fruity and vanilla-esque.  The long, pleasant finish carried through some sweetness with some caramel.

Kulmbacher EKU 28 Doppelbock surprised me… at 11% ABV it is smooth, not hoppy, and has no detectable heat to hint at the high alcohol content.  The carbonation keeps it from ever getting too sweet or thick, and it was a very well integrated drinking experience.  Just make sure you stop yourself after one!

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