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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Silver Moon Snake Bite Porter

Another rainy day, another porter.  Silver Moon Brewery, located in Bend mere blocks away from Deschutes Brewery Pub House and Bend Brewing Co., sits in good company and was the last of the three I visited on my Bend pub crawl last year.  Seeing the bottle on the shelf brought back fond memories of trying to navigate my way back to the hotel on foot in a post-four bar crawl in the wee hours, so I picked up Silver Moon Snake Bite Porter.

Silver Moon Snake Bite Porter poured a syrupy black into the glass with a small clumpy yellow head that slowly slid down the sides of the glass.  Aromas of cocao and slight notes of coffee were present without being “big”.

Drank, Silver Moon Snake Bite Porter had a bitter hop start, a smooth middle, and very bitter, grapefruit end.  The center of the porter was nice and dry with some burnt nut flavor, and not nearly as thick or syrupy as the pour suggested.

Silver Moon Snake Bite Porter has a couple of funky transitions on the palette, which is unfortunate as it hits some great notes marred by a couple really sour (er… bitter) notes.  As a lighter porter option it has potential, but this porter needs more balance. 

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