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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Walkabout Brewing Worker's Pale Ale

Walkabout Brewing just celebrated it's 13th year of business, and is as standard on tap as Coors and Bud in Southern Oregon.  The brewer, Ross Litton, has slowly been expanding the line of Walkabout offerings and keeping Medford bars in local beer.  Walkabout Brewing recently began offering their flagship beer, Walkabout Brewing Worker's Pale Ale, in 22oz. bottle.

Walkabout Brewing Worker's Pale Ale poured a clear, hay-hue with moderate carbonation trails and a white, sticky head.  The nose was light citrus and sugar cookies.

Worker's Pale Ale started with a lightly hopped front and ended on a sweet and slightly flat sweet bread note.  There was a slight bitterness in the linger that was out of place for such a subdued hop profile.  

The hops never really came through as strong as I expected for a Pacific Northwest style Pale Ale, and the malts were maybe a bit too strong and sweet at the end.  This is clearly a beer that shines better on tap, where a bit of additional carbonation brightens up the front and gives the hops a bit of support.  In the bottle, Walkabout Brewing's Worker's Pale Ale is just barely average, which is a shame given the above-average experience it gives from tap.

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