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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Caldera Brewing Hopportunity Knocks Ale

Now that the boutique "beer-in-a-can" movement has some traction, it's not uncommon to see good beer in an aluminum pop-top (Big Sky Brewing, Oskar Blues, and even Fat Tire from New Belgium Brewing), but Caldera Brewing Co in Ashland, OR has been selling their quality brews in cans for 13 years now.  Their reason?  It's easier (and lighter) to pack out after an outdoor activity and cans are allowed in venues glass isn't.  I've always been a fan of their IPA, which perfectly balances strong, hoppy pine with thirst-quenching drinkability, so after a flight at the Caldera Brewing Tap House I grabbed a bottle of Hopportunity Knocks, part of their seasonal, 22oz. only beers to get my hop on.

Hopportunity Knocks poured a slightly cloudy orange into the glass, with copious small carbonation streams and a medium-sized, white head.  The ale was mostly sweet lime with light pine in the nose, and fairly subdued.

Hopportunity Knocks had a bright and crisp start, successfully bringing plenty of hop flavor without the aggressive bitterness.  There were hints of lime and tropical fruit that came through, and it ended on an earthy note of dried nectarines, plum, and tobacco.  

Hopportunity Knocks is probably one of  the most delicate big-flavor beers I've tried this year.  As such, it's a pleasure getting through the first bottle, but a night full of Hopportunity would be fatiguing.  It's occasionally nice to have a big-flavored beer without a double-digit ABV.

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