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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Full Sail Brewing Wassail Seasonal Winter Ale

Hailing from Hood River, OR, Full Sail Brewing is likely the first craft brewer I was aware of, and they still proudly hold claim to being employee owned and operated.  In the spirit of moving towards the Spring, I'm saying goodbye to one of this year's best winter offerings (in my opinion), Full Sail Wassail.

Full Sail Wassail poured a thick, frothy yellow head on top of a mildly carbonated, almost transparent coffee colored body.  The nose was a powerhouse of citrus hops, dates, toasted malts, and smoky earth scents.

Full Sail Wassail drank big and bright, quickly leading into a smoked maple body.  The ale evolved with big, tobacco flavors making appearances and ending with a long linger of smoke and slightly-burnt bitterness. 

Full Sail Wassail manages to capture everything big and rich about a winter seasonal without getting too heavy or hard-to-drink. 

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