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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Gordon Biersch WinterBock

The final left-over beer from Gordon Biersch, the last couple of days of winter seasonals... Gordon Biersch WinterBock.

Gordon Biersch WinterBock poured with nearly no head but a sticky, yellow-aged paper foam over a crimson-highlighted auburn body.  The nose was sugar, burnt molasses, and smoke.

Gordon Biersch met my mouth with an underwhelming flatness, but quickly kicked into a smokey and dried-fig-sweet experience.  WinterBock maintained some dryness until the fade, where the sweetness significantly increased and the lager became chewier and thicker.

All in all, Bordon Biersch WinterBock hits the most important aspects of a winter seasonal (richer, earthier flavors, some spice, a little extra alcohol warmth), but it could have been much better with a bit more carbonation to liven the body and bitterness to cut the sweet finish.

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