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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Stone/Ninkasi/Alchemist More Brown Than Black IPA

Stone Collaboration More Brown Than Black IPA, a collaboration headed by Stone Brewing and including Ninkasi Brewing of Eugene, OR and The Alchemist of Waterbury, VT, poured a color that fit the name, more brown than black, but still dark, capped with a short lived beige head and chunky grey sediment from the bottom of the bottle.  The nose was pure hops... no malt to find, just orange, pineapple, and melon.

Stone Collaboration More Brown Than Black IPA opened with a sweet and bitter pine and orange start.  The orange flavor sweetened as a distinct pineapple core came through in the middle of the ale.  A strong bitterness was present throughout the tasting, and there were no detectable dark or roasted notes to find as the ale trailed off.

There is nothing subdued about the bitterness of Stone Collaboration More Brown Than Black IPA, and there isn't really anything dark in the taste.  It is cool to see these breweries using new hop styles and crafting a CDA so much lighter (in flavor) than any I have tried.  This is a great ale.

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