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Friday, December 23, 2011

Ommegang Three Philosophers Belgian Quad Ale

Ommegang Three Philosophers Belgian-Style Blonde Quad Ale, a Belgian-style Quad ale mixed with a small percentage of Belgian Kriek Ale by Ommegang Brewery, poured a cloudy cherry color into the glass, with a thick, frothy orange head fed by champagne-like trails of carbonation.  The nose was dominated by peppery, spicy yeast and a musty barn odor... there was very little (almost no) cherry aroma.

Ommegang Three Philosophers Quad had so much going on in the taste compartment it was hard to pinpoint when the various flavors entered and exited, but the malt contributed dark toffee, bread pudding, and stewed fruits while the cherries added a distinct tartness that was heightened by the peppery yeast, alcohol, and cold cloves.  The quad was appropriately creamy and thick, and lingered long after the last sip was taken.  

Ommegang Three Philosophers Belgian Quad hits all the right notes for the style, a rare accomplishment for a brewery on this side of the Atlantic.  I would put this against many of the more revered Belgian Quads, and have only one quibble... it would have been great to have even more cherries in the mix.

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