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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Ninkasi Imperiale High Gravity Stout

'Twas the night before Christmas, and Ninkasi Imperiale High Gravity Stout, a new release from Ninkasi Brewing, poured an impenetrable black into the glass and was capped with a huge, persistent head of cherry and cocoa.  The nose carried notes of dark berries, cherries, chocolate, heavy barley, and an undertone of alcohol.

Ninkasi Imperiale High Gravity Stout opened bright and creamy, with sweet vanilla and milk chocolate setting the stage for a rising cherry sweetness.  The stout dried as the roasted notes and a soft alcohol burn finished off the experience, with an underlying bitterness that made an appearance in the fade.

Ninkasi Imperiale High Gravity Stout drinks like a thick, rich milkshake... full of flavor and not especially aggressive (especially considering the ample ABV).  While the heaviness makes it an unlikely candidate for summer or casual enjoyment, the candy and fruit sweetness of the stout make it an excellent drink to celebrate kicking back in front of the fire and kicking off the holiday weekend.

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