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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Silver Moon Brewing Tasting (Bend, OR)

I'm disappointed to say I lost my tasting notes from my visit to the taphouse at Silver Moon Brewing, but I did have the opportunity to try their standard line of Badlands Bitter ESB, Hound's Tooth Amber, Hop Knob IPA, Bridge Creek Pilsner, and Snake Bite Porter, as well as seasonals Oktoberfest, Andre Le Geant Trippel, and Dark Side Stout

Because I don't have my notes, it would be unfair to comment other than in generalities... there weren't any standouts, but other than the trippel not quite hitting the mark there weren't any belly flops.  Of the breweries I visited in Bend, Silver Moon was the one to miss if one was short on time.

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