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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Magic Hat IPA on Tour Blind Faith

Magic Hat IPA on Tour Blind Faith, a summer seasonal IPA offering from Magic Hat Brewing, poured a soft amber color, with a thin grey film where the head would be and mild carbonation trails.  The nose carried equal measures of sugar sweetness and citrus, and was well balanced (if a bit two dimensional) over a slightly sour, earthy note (turns out they use Ringwood yeast, so that makes sense).

Magic Hat Blind Faith IPA opened with a strong, Warrior hop start of floral, sweet oranges over a mostly pale malt sweetness.  Both the hops and malts seemed to lack dimension, but they covered up (or at least integrated) the sourness of the yeast well.  The ale faded with the bitterness outpacing the malt and lingering well beyond.

Magic Hat Blind Faith IPA on Tour is a quintessential, good enough for government-work East Coast IPA.  With so many great IPAs available on both sides of the US, it’s hard to recommend, but it is certainly a far cry from bad.

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