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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Shock Top Belgian White Wheat Ale

Shock Top Belgian White Wheat Ale, from St. Lois, MO-based Shock Top Brewing (AKA Anheuser-Busch), poured a hazy gold into the glass, with loads of carbonation threatening to burst through the shot lived white head.  A significant white residue cake rested on the bottom of the bottle, which the label recommended swirling in with the ale (one assumes it isn't yeast?).  Almost the only aroma detectable was a huge, almost overwhelming coriander presence cut by a hint of wheat.

Shock Top White Ale hit the palette light and fizzy with a touch of sweetness.  The combination of carbonation and lightness of body gave a mouth feel closer to cheap soda than an ale.  Orange and coriander dominated once the carbonation mellowed to manageable levels, and the ale ended on a dry wheat finish. 

Even if the A-B connection wasn't known, Shock Top White Ale drinks, tastes, and feels like a cheap, mass produced beer.  Throwing a bunch of artificial tasting spices in an ale and not even properly adjusting the recipe to accommodate these flavors just leads to a poor drinking experience.  

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