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Friday, October 7, 2011

Seven Brides Lil’s Pils Pilsner

Seven Brides Lil’s Pils Pilsner, a year-long offering from Seven Brides Brewing, poured an ever-so-slightly cloudy pale gold, with heavy carbonation feeding to a loose white head.  The nose was extremely clean, with just the faintest hints of grass (although not at all skunky).

Seven Brides Lil's Pilsner opened bright and heavily carbonated, with a tart lemon middle that was offset with a touch of malt sweetness.  Lil's Pils ended on a dry finish with a small amount of bitterness as it faded.

Seven Brides Lil's Pils is an almost good pilsner, in my opinion.  The lemon flavor is unnaturally pronounced, giving a lemonade-like quality of the beer that made it seem off.  Too bad, because there is a lot of things going on if one can get past the sweet-tart citrus.

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