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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Zatec Dark Czech Lager

Zatec Dark Czech Lager, an offering from Czech brewer Zatec Brewing, poured into the glass cola brown with ruby highlights, topped with a sticky tan head.  The nose was mild, with very light roasted grains being the defining characteristic.

Zatec Dark Czech Lager opened with a surprisingly peppery hop start that perfectly set the stage for the roasted coffee malts.  As the carbonation and hops mellowed, the lager took on a somewhat watery body, heavy in minerals.  Zatec faded on a slight, stale coffee close.

Zatec Dark Czech Lager does a great job of balancing dark complexity and light drinkability. 
Good, crisp lager snap and body complimented by a dark, complex malt profile.  Not as big or in your face as modern brews, but highly refined.

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