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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Allagash 2010 Fluxus Stout Brewed with Cacao Nibs

Allagash 2010 Fluxus Stout Brewed with Cacao Nibs, a limited offering from Tribute Series from Allagash Brewing, poured pitch black into the glass, capped by a short lived but extremely sticky tan head fed by no observable carbonation. 

Allagash 2010 Fluxus Stout opened huge and meaty, with an herbality my fellow tasters described as herb d’ provence, cumin, and salty.  The cacao came through as bitter bakers chocolate, and the thick, almost syrupy body was filled with roasted grains, coffee, and anise.  The stout sat on the tongue long after the last sip, with a lingering heat and a tannic grip.

Allagash 2010 Fluxus Stout is an intense, challenging beer that requires focus and a fairly seasoned palette to appreciate.  Light and non-beer drinkers will (and should) run screaming from it, but Fluxus offers an experience akin to drinking an extensively aged fine scotch to the adventurous beer drinker.  Thanks again to dad for picking this bottle up.

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  1. I hope you saved some of this for today.