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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Widmer Brothers Brewery and Gasthause (Portland, OR)

Located right next to the Widmer Brothers brewery, Widmer Brothers Brewery and Gasthaus Pub is a must visit if you want to check out how big brewing is done.  Although their year-long bottled offerings are a little pedestrians, a visit to their tap house reveals a whole other side to Widmer-

OKTO was appropriately malty, with a medium body and slightly sweet middle, and ended with a crisp, dry finish.

Bright and crisp, Citra Blonde led with orange citrus, and closed on a strange, pronounced yeast in the fade that left a dusty mouth feel.

This collaboration between Widmer and Portland home brewers carried the right amount of mocha and toffee to please the dark beer drinker with enough carbonation to keep it light and crisp for a hot summer day. 

This interesting offering is a traditional saison, with the light raspberry addition barely making it through over pepper, clove, and banana.  Although just a hair lacking in funk, Widmer’s saison was great.

“Big”, “sweet caramel”, and “malty” are the descriptors that came to mind as I sipped this high ABV TimBRRR (which isn’t coincidentally named for the Timbers).  In my opinion, the hops didn’t come through enough, which could have helped TimBRRR to cut the sweetness.

Widmer’s Golden Ale brewed with rose hips, Rose City Hipster was sweet and orangey, with the rose only appearing in the nose and as a residual aftertaste.

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