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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Stone Baird Ishii Collaboration Japanese Green Tea IPA

Stone Japanese Green Tea IPA, a collaboration by Baird Brewing Co. in Japan, Ishii Brewing Co. in Guam, and Stone Brewing, poured a hazy orange hue, topped with a strong off-white head and invigorated by medium carbonation.  The nose was an unpleasant mix of green tea, light citrus, and pepper.

Stone Brewing Japanese Green Tea IPA opened with dry, dusty tea notes offset by an herb and citrus hop profile before the biscuit malt center settled in.  The green tea flavors fought with both the hops and the malt, worsened by the bitterness that came through in the close. 

Stone Brewing Japanese Green Tea IPA isn’t a terrible beer, but it’s the worst offering I have tasted from Stone and really merited a more thoughtful recipe formulation than the ale infers.  “Hey, let’s throw green tea in an IPA” is the start of a good idea, but there was clearly little effort put in the follow-through to make this special.  At least it’s for charity…

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