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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Anderson Valley Summer Solstice Cream Ale

Anderson Valley Summer Solstice Cream Ale, a summer seasonal offering from Anderson Valley Brewing Co., poured a golden hue into the glass with heavy carbonation and a thick, frothy white head.  The nose carried through thick caramel and vanilla with a tinge of nutmeg.

Anderson Valley Summer Solstice Cream Ale opened SWEET.  Caramel and vanilla quickly coated the tongue, and a cloying sweetness immediately took over (think a Starbucks Caramel Macchiato).  The thick caramel mellows out to vanilla and a slight tartness crept in, which combined with the creaminess to evoke a “spoiled milk” reaction.  The ale faded softly and the sweetness didn’t linger for too long.

Neither light nor refreshing, Summer Solstice Cream Ale comes off like a spoiled cream soda.  Four beer drinkers at the camping trip where this was consumed passed on it… you probably should too.

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