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Monday, September 12, 2011

Deschutes Conflux No.2 White IPA

Deschutes Conflux No.2 White IPA, a collaboration between Deschutes Brewing and Boulevard Brewing, poured a hazy, pale straw hue into the glass with a tightly bubbled, foamy white head.  The nose was fruity and yeast forward, phenolic with light citrus and herbs.

Deschutes Conflux No.2 White IPA opened true to its nose, spicy and phenolic with tart lemon and coriander taking over the palette with a dusty mouth feel.  Sage, an actual addition I wasn’t aware was in the ale until after the tasting, came through loud in the middle and added a stately earthiness to the ale, and ended the ale on an extended fade that was equal parts dry yeast and crisp lemon.

Deschutes Conflux No.2 White IPA accomplishes exactly what it sets out to do… use a highly developed, European-inspired wheat ale and hop it up with complimentary, IPA-level citrus hops.  If last year was the year of the Cascadian Dark Ale in the North West, this year is looking to be the year of the Belgian/White IPA.  Try it… you’ll like it.

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