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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Achouffe Brewing La Chouffe Belgian Golden Ale

La Chouffe Belgian Golden Ale, an unfiltered Ardens blonde ale by Achouffe Brewing, poured a hazy lemonade color with vigorous carbonation and a huge, whiff whipped white head.  The nose carries strong citrus, coriander, and pepper notes over a subtle, dusty yeast and floral undertones.

La Chouffe opened with a spicy earthiness over a sweet malt background, leaving a foamy, creamy feeling in my mouth.  The spice profile ran the gamut from nutmeg and coriander to pepper and flowers, and there was a tropical fruitiness in the interaction between the malt and the yeast that was strong without being cloying, aided no doubt by the continued, vigorous carbonation.  The ale ended dry and yeasty.

Achouffe Brewing La Chouffe Belgian Golden Ale is an easily drinkable, well built Belgian ale that seems to throw nods to many styles (golden, Belgian, dubbel, trippel) without firmly committing to any one.  

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