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Friday, September 30, 2011

Avery Brewing Maharaja Imperial India Pale Ale

Avery Maharaja Imperial India Pale Ale, part of Avery Brewing’s The Dictators Series, poured a heady copper color into the glass, with a soapy white head fed by small carbonation streams.  The nose carried forward citrus and evergreen, but was somewhat undermined by noticeable alcohol heat.

Maharaja Imperial IPA opened with a tropical fruitiness and an edge of grapefruit tartness, with a more distinct pineapple presence than most DIPA’s of this ilk.  The malt was entirely overcome by the hops, but the sweet, thick caramel served as an excellent support to the fruitiness of the hops.  For such a big beer (there was some heat, for sure), the fade was dry and crisp, probably one of the cleaner finishes for a big beer I have experienced. 

Avery Brewing Maharaja Imperial India Pale Ale isn’t easy to come by in these parts, but the hunt to get a fresh bottle was certainly worth it.  Run, don’t walk.

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