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Monday, August 22, 2011

Left Coast Hop Juice Double IPA

Left Coast Hop Juice Double IPA, the June seasonal release from California-based Left Coast Brewing, poured a hazy orange into the glass, with copious suspended particles with mild carbonation trailing to a small, short-lived orange-tan head.  The nose had an almost perfectly symmetric of sweet, citrus hops and caramel malts in the profile, with sugar and sweetness taking a slight lead over the sharper notes.

Left Coast Hop Juice Double IPA opened thick and sweet, with caramel malts immediately coasting the mouth with sweetness and relegating the hops to the sidelines, adding bitterness without much flavor.  The ale remained thick and resinous on the tongue throughout the tasting, with the hops only really standing out in the finish, although again more felt than tasted.

I think Left Coast Hop Juice Double IPA may be a victim of needing to be enjoyed fresh.  I’ve been dubious of the claim some brewers make that some beers need to be consumed immediately… this ale seems to have been made with the intention of using dry hopping to give the ale a strong hop profile in the nose, not the body, and even just a few months seems to have dulled that.   

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