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Friday, August 19, 2011

Laurelwood Hooligan Brown Ale

Laurelwood Hooligan Brown Ale, another offering from Portland-based Laurelwood Brewing, poured a dark, iced tea hue with red highlights and a big, off-white head propped by medium carbonation.  The nose was dry and toasty, with corn cereal flake and light coffee notes. 

Laurelwood Hooligan Brown Ale opened smooth, toasty, and dry, its complex malt profile constantly changing but never thickening or becoming too sweet.  The ale ended on a dry, satisfying note of baker’s chocolate in the fade. 

Laurelwood Hooligan Brown Ale was a pleasant surprise… there’s a distinct UK character to the malts and yeast with enough hops to keep things interesting and an ABV of only 5.3%.  This bottle sat in my fridge a lot longer than it would have had I known how good it is.

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