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Monday, August 29, 2011

Six Rivers Raspberry Lambic-Style Ale

Six Rivers Raspberry Lambic Ale, a seasonal offering from California-based Six Rivers Brewery, poured a bright, pink-red into the glass with surprising clarity and almost no head… just a sticky ring at the sides of the glass.  Extremely aromatic, the nose carried through sugar, berries, and sweet chemical notes with none of the lambic yeast coming through.

Six Rivers Raspberry Lambic opened big an fruity, with raspberry dominating over lesser flavors of lemon, orange, and sweet cream.  The core of the ale fell out in the middle and seemed hollow, adding a slight medicinal edge to the fruit sweetness.  The end of the ale was dry and fairly brief, with most of the fruit sweetness long gone.

Six Rivers Raspberry Lambic Ale is easy to drink and manages to hit most of the expected lambic notes without getting too sweet or artificial tasting, but would be a much more interesting beer if some funk or real sourness came through.  

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