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Monday, August 29, 2011

Sierra Nevada Ovila Dubbel

Sierra Nevada Ovila Dubbel, the summer offering from Ovila, a collaboration between Sierra Nevada and the Abbey of New Clairvaux, poured a semi-carbonated cola color into the glass with a fluffy, sticky aged-bone head.  The nose carried forward sweet banana and honey with a distinct, musky fermented grape undertone.

Sierra Nevada Ovila Dubbel opened with a strong, malty start of caramel and sweet bread and a touch of lemon zing keeping the ale from getting too dark.  The Dubbel settles firmly into the banana and sweet dark bread hinted at in the nose, and only really lightened up as it dried to an extended, peppery yeast close.

Sierra Nevada Ovila Dubbel is an interesting (Americanized) take on the Dubbel and is worth checking out, but doesn’t quite make it to the pantheon of great Dubbels I have tried.  A worthy cause and a cool back-story add cache to the drinking experience, but I look forward to stronger offerings in the Ovila line.   

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